Christmas for Corgis!

After watching Blaze and Diamond negotiate over the very small bed that was originally purchased for a tiny little Blaze, Santa brought them a wonderful large bed. Honestly, I thought that Diamond would keep the bed she "borrowed" from Blaze and he would be comfy cozy in this one. I should have known better! When it comes to Diamond, what is hers is hers and what is his is hers, too! For now, they are sharing...almost!


Oh, Christmas Tree...

Blaze and Diamond have decided they like the Christmas tree. Diamond will lay right below it, gazing up at the lights in the evenings for hours. There is a little gold-toned bell on the bottom branch that she almost always taps as she goes by. Every time, I think to myself: "An angel gets his wings."
Blaze, on the other hand, just likes to be near it...just like in this photo. I didn't even realize he was there until I uploaded the photos. His favorite ornament? A big, red jingle bell. Once a day, he sticks his nose just above the lower branches and moves it. It jingles, he jumps, all is well in the world!


Snow very tired!

It snowed this morning in Dallas. Really. Lots of big, fluffy flakes covering the ground and the cars. The kind that settle on the backs of little dogs as they walk.

Diamond was so very funny! This was her first snow. She tried to eat it all as she went on her morning walk.

Blaze wanted out on the balcony to check it out first. He hopped up on the ottoman and caught snowflakes with his mouth. Oh, I wish I had gotten to the camera in time! Then we went out on our walk. He thought he was a bull-dozer, nose down and plowing through the cold white snow on the ground.

Now...well...they are tired. Snow very tired!! LOL!