Record setting snow in Dallas!

Wow! Yesterday, we set historic records in the Dallas area for the most snowfall in a single day! At our home, we saw between 10-12". For Diamond and Blaze, it was Heaven on Earth! Both love to play snowplow with their noses. Diamond plows, then tosses the snow up into the air and eats it. Blaze bulldozes until he can't breathe...and then he looks surprised. For 2 Corgis, this much snow means hopping rather than walking. It also means running and rolling and having great Corgi fun! It sort of makes walks worthwhile for us humans!


Three tired dogs

Thad and I went to his sister's ranch in East Texas for the weekend. Diamond and Blaze spent the weekend at Doggie Zen Den...their first time boarding. Once we all got home and settled in for the Super Bowl, I look over to see my three tired dogs lined up on the sofa! LOL! ...and I love all three of them!