A lazy Sunday...

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted!

Since the last post, we've been dealing with a change in Doggy Day Care to one that is a little more in-tune with little Corgis that are still puppies and very much herding dogs. In other words, they bark and they chase. A lot. And all day. If it runs, they will chase it. If it barks, they will bark back. Duh!

Now I have two very happy little Doggie Zen Den attendees! As you can see, Blaze is resting up today (LOL!). So is Diamond, but she is not in a very photogenic pose.

This is Diamond's "growing month". As with Blaze, when Corgis hit 7 months of age, they grow almost every day it seems. I've been tempted to measure her before she goes to bed at night and again every morning...it seems she just gets bigger! Some days, she doesn't want to eat; she would prefer to sleep all day. After Blaze, I know it is just normal so I go with the flow!

Blaze is nearly a year old now, and he is really making progress in training. I'm not really sure if it is the age or just to show up Diamond. Either way, I'm loving it!!

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