Run, Blaze, Run...

For the past several months, we thought that Blaze loses his mind when Thad comes home each day because he is excited to see him. After all, I can come home from shopping and you'd think I never left!

The drill each day is that Blaze and Diamond hear the garage door start to open, Blaze runs down the stairs and attacks Thad with barks and loves and jumps and kisses. He's tried ignoring the behavior, praising calmness, putting him in a "sit"...all with very minimal success. So we thought he should try coming in the front door. Same results.

Today, we discovered this is a diversionary tactic. Blaze wants out. He has been waiting for that perfect moment to catch Thad off guard in order to run past him at half the speed of sound. Today he did it.

Run, Blaze, run. See Thad run. See Thad yell: "Stop, Blaze, stop!" See Blaze look over his shoulder and keep running...right around the side of the building to the garage door and Thad's car. I put a leash on Diamond and took her out as "bait" (where there is Diamond, there is Blaze) to find out all of this. Blaze is sitting by the back car door of Thad's car...waiting.

I think he wanted to go to Doggy Day Care...or the off-leash dog park.

Note to self: Don't leave the car keys within Blaze's reach. Just in case.

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