And then there were two...

After much contemplation...and seeing the same little girl repeatedly on the internet, I decided to inquire about her. A sable and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi from a ranch just outside of San Antonio, Diamond was such a cutie! It took a few days, but we finally heard that she was available! Thad agreed that Blaze needed a 4-legged friend, and so the plan was to meet Miss Diamond in Waco. As her first family readily told us, Diamond loved to play with the cats on their ranch. I didn't doubt it after her first response was to hiss at poor Blaze immediately upon meeting him. But they warmed up fairly soon, and we loaded two puppies (Blaze then 7 months and Diamond almost 4 months) into the backseat of the car (with me right in the middle) for our trip back to Dallas.

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