Diamond Girl

Diamond has been with us for a month now; she's 4 1/2 months old. It's so fun to work on her training, especially when Blaze catches wind of it. I work with them separately, but sometimes he'll see me working on something with her and wants to help! On the first day we had her at home, Thad and I were eating pizza and I swear Blaze explained to her that they were not supposed to beg while we were eating. He kept moving her back with his body. To this day, neither of them beg or whine or bother us when we eat.

Diamond has grown so much! She had learned most of her basic commands...except that she won't sit unless she is facing me and looking right at me (checking to make sure I have a treat, no doubt!). She loves playing on her wobble board, and is a pro at the Nina Ottosson Pyramid toy. It dispenses kibble when they tilt it over and turn the opening down. She actually eats her breakfast with this...working for her food! I've learned that Corgis get bored very easily, so we use this to keep her mentally stimulated.

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