A hurt for the heart

I took Blaze to doggy day care yesterday, one of his favorite things in the world. Each day as Thad leaves for work, Blaze gets excited and waits by the door...hoping that this will be a doggy day care day. We do it so that he can play and socialize with other dogs for 1/2 day about twice a week.

I picked him up at 2, only to find he had just been "bitten" by another dog. It didn't look too bad, but I called the vet to see what I should do. Within 2 hours, his face was swollen and still bleeding a bit more than I felt comfortable with at the time. I took him to the vet. She found 2 puncture wounds in his jaw (she had to shave the side of him face so that we could care for it and monitor for infection) and a slice to his lower eyelid. The good news is that his cornea does not appear damaged.

The bad news is that it hurts...lots. Poor little Blaze keeps pawing at it. He's on painkillers, antibiotics, and an antibiotic eye ointment. I have to press on the most serious puncture wound several times a day to make sure it drains, clean it with hydrogen peroxide, and cover with an ointment. The shaved area makes him look so pitiful. And Diamond doesn't know what to do! She knows he is hurt. But they still want to play. Unfortunately, I can't let them right now...and it's driving them both nuts.

So, here I sit with two puppies separated in crates whining to play with each other. The whole thing just hurts my heart.

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