Growing up Blaze

Today, Blaze is 8 months old. It is funny because his still so much the puppy, but has the appearance and power of an adult dog. He will come bounding down the stairs and jump into my lap like he is a tiny little guy. Unfortunately, he isn't! He will cuddle right up in my lap (as best a 24 pound Corgi can when he think he is still a little 12 pound puppy) and watch TV. He is so in love with Diamond. Oh, they "fight" and steal things from one another on an hourly basis as puppies will. But he is her ever-vigilant protector. We took her to the off-leash park for the first time this week. All was going well until another dog tackled her. Blaze saw it happen. He tackled the poor little dachshund and then chased it away and around and around. Diamond just came over, stood between Thad and I, and watched it all happen.

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